Arrow Freestanding Carport


The freestanding carport is a functional, reliable, and perfect backyard carport and patio cover. This ultra-durable hot-dipped galvanized steel shelter and shade solution are perfect for anyone looking for extra protection for patio furniture, vehicles, or simply your outdoor space. Set it up anywhere in your yard where you need protection from the elements. Maximum resistance against corrosion and rust, this ultra-strong carport will stand up to the elements.


The Features

  • Vinyl coated HDG STEEL for exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Long-lasting vinyl-coating over galvanized steel has 5 times coating thickness than standard steel buildings
  • Use as a carport for additional storage of vehicles, lawn equipment, and boats or use as a patio cover for shelter from the elements
  • 755 cubic feet capacity (10 ft unit)
  • 1507 cubic feet capacity (20 ft unit)
  • Appealing single-tone aesthetics in Eggshell to complement building exteriors
  • DIY assembly with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts

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