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Durham Hardtop Gazebo w/ Misting Kit

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Step into the revamped Durham Gazebo with our Universal Misting Kit.  Entertain and impress guests in the warmer months with a cool-mist under the already elegant and luxurious Durham while blocking the Sun's harsh rays. With its multi-layer aluminum frame and roof, this gazebo is virtually maintenance-free, rust-free, and built to last for years of enjoyment. Turn this elegant extension of your home to an outdoor paradise for your family and friends.

Misting Kit Features

  • OUTDOOR MIST COOLING SYSTEM: The amazing and eco-friendly outdoor cooling system provides a natural water cooling area. It releases you from the indoor bad air conditions and enjoy the fantastic outdoor sight in hot summer. A cool environment from the heat for your favorite outdoor areas cools the surrounding air temperatures up to 30 degrees
  • QUICK DIY INSTALLATION/SUITABLE FOR ALL: In just a 15-30 minutes you will be enjoying this outdoor universal mist cooling kit. It is suitable for any environment: garden, patio, greenhouse, backyard, swimming pool, etc. It will attach to any standard outdoor faucet (1/4 inch). No special tools are required
  • SUSTAINABLE COOLING SYSTEM: Water consumption is minimal, generating a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in no time. Now you can avoid wasting water and at the same time save energy due to our special non-drip nozzle technology. No leaks, efficient cooling kit.
  • EXCELLENT PRESSURE: 45-60 PSI water pressure is recommended for a great pressure in the municipal area with the ¼” tube. Its irrigation system with timer generates natural humidity in the environment. Find the level in which you feel better. Up to 70 percent water savings compared to manual watering
  • PERSONALIZED FREQUENCY AND RUN TIME:The run time ranges from hours to seconds, now you can select your personal preferences and enjoy. The timer works with a 2AA – 1.5V batteries (Not included)
  • TOP QUALITY GUARANTEED: The product is used for humidification, the freshness wherever you may need. Manufactured with the best materials, this is a precise and durable system. For more detail, please contact us at 888 783 6082






Assembly Instructions

Durham Gazebo Assembly Instructions.pdf

Misting Kit

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