Genesis 55 Gallon Composting Tumbler w/ Wheels

The Genesis 55 gallon Mobile Composting Tumbler with wheels is part of the Riverstone line of composters. This heavy-duty, all-weather, wheeled composter makes it easy to move the composter to your gardens or lawn. The steel frame and support stand securely holds the composter in place. The Orange twist to lock lid keeps unwanted pests out while allowing you to easily access the composter. Both ends have built-in fixed ventilation holes for air circulation. The barrel itself can be locked in position with a spring-loaded locking pin so the barrel does not roll around due to weight distribution. The composter's tumbling movements shorten the composting cycle, producing ready-to-use compost quicker than a stationary composter. For every purchase of the Genesis 55 Gallon Mobile Composting Tumbler, our partner, Riverstone will make a donation to Benefit 11th Hour Animal Rescue a No-Kill animal shelter finding thousands of new homes for our furry friends each year.

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