MAZE Bokashi Grain

Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning “Fermented Organic Matter”. It refers to either a liquid or bran-based material that has been fermented with EM (friendly bacteria). Bokashi products are generally pleasant smelling and, when added to your Indoor Composter, are designed to accelerate the fermentation of organic matter. Bokashi Grain (bran) causes fermentation which helps turn your food scraps into a fertilizer packed with nutrients, microbes, and probiotics that will bring life into your soil. The Bokashi Grain (bran) is infused with beneficial microbes that flourish in an anaerobic (meaning oxygen-free), acidic environment. One of the benefits of Bokashi bran is that it doesn’t have the strong, foul smell that traditional composting tends to create. Once treated in the Kitchen Composter, the material can then be safely dug into your garden or placed in your compost bin. A 2.1 gallon (5liter) bag of Bokashi Grain will typically last an average family for three months.

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