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Monticello 8' Premium Greenhouse

Our American-made Monticello line of greenhouses by Riverstone Industries elevates the industry standards on quality, durability, and affordability. Built for both part-time and full-time growers alike, our Monticello is guaranteed to provide maximum growing efficiency while saving you money on the electric bill. Thinking of sizing up? Our Monticello can grow! We offer a 4-foot extension-kit that can be purchased should the need arise. We proudly dedicate this line to all gardeners looking for a hassle-free, mid-priced greenhouse that will stay in the family for years to come. Happy growing!

The Features

  • US Grade Extruded Aluminum Frame
  • Walls/ Roof - 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate
  • Integrated base - allows for direct anchoring to ground, decking
  • Built-in rainwater/ gutter system
  • Automatic roof ventilation system
  • Dual hinged locking doors
  • Twist & Locknut & bolt fastening construction
  • Sturdy rigid "ribbed" design for quick interlocking assembly
  • Takes approximately 1-2 days to assemble
  • Tools Required- Phillips screwdriver/ wrench

Included in Premium Package:

  • Workbench system
  • Interior shading system
  • Programmable watering system
  • Greenhouse potting sin


      The Dimensions

      8.1 FT X 8.1 FT X 7.6 FT


      We back the Monticello with the strongest warranty in the industry, 10 years on the frame and Polycarbonate.


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