MONT Greenhouse Work Station

The MONT Work Station Kit is specifically designed for the MONT line of greenhouses. The design is simple, unique, and thoughtful. The Work Station can be installed either during initial construction or at a later time. The Kit Includes a full 8 ft run (24” deep) for use on either side of the MONT greenhouse. Since the installation of the support bars uses the inside bolt tracks the shelving could be set at any height within the greenhouse (up to 4ft off the ground). The sturdy vented shelving units on the Work Station are constructed from commercial grade high impact PVC. The vents allow water and air to circulate as well as allow sunlight to reach underneath the Work Bench. The angle support design allows for free-flowing movement without concern for support legs to trip over when working at the workbench. The bench itself will hold up to 600 lbs. Just like our greenhouses, the MONT Work Station Kit is proudly made in the USA from start to finish.

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