Siena Hardtop Screen Room Gazebo

Imagine it's summer and what you need is that shady spot that helps to block the sun's rays and heat. Even if that untimely rain shower threatens your dinner party, the special composite roof on the Siena Screen Room turns rain noise into a soft pitter-patter that adds to the ambiance of being outdoors. The screen doors keep the bugs and mosquitoes out and turn this gazebo into a true Screen House.

This rugged gazebo is made of aluminum and steel. The vertical posts are aluminum, and the rails holding up the roof are aluminum with steel inserts for strength. Base plates at the bottom of each post that the gazebo sits on are made of steel. 

The Siena Screen Room has sliding screen doors on all 4 sides. Not only do they keep the unwanted bugs out, but they also act as a shield from the setting sun reducing the glare so you can enjoy your end of the day.

The dome-shaped roof is a sophisticated composite of layers of aluminum and polyethylene core, and multiple layers of finishes and coatings. The underside has a white-cream color finish that adds a wonderful glow during the day and into the evenings. Even candlelight reflects back down and illuminates the area at nighttime.


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Siena 12' x 12' Gazebo Assembly Instructions

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