Sumatra Gazebo 10' x 10'

Improve your outdoor setting with a sun shelter that stays up all year long. The Sumatra Promo is perfect for those who enjoy a nicely shaded environment on a hot summer day or the feeling of a warm breeze on a summer night. This sun shelter's modern design features high-quality aluminum and includes a nylon mosquito net to keep your space free from pesky bugs. The roof is made of weather-resistant corrugated polycarbonate sheets, making this sun shelter perfect for all seasons.


  • A high-quality steel structure provides stability.
  • The roof is made of UV-protected 6mm thick tinted polycarbonate panels which allow partial light to pass through.
  • The single-track system supports the included black nylon mosquito net.
  • Any accumulation of snow should always be removed from the roof (if applicable).
  • Eight solidifying bars are added on each corner for better stability and sturdiness of the structure.
  • Replacement parts can be ordered.