Universal Misting Kit

Looking for the best outdoor Universal Misting Kit? Paragon Outdoor provides you with an easy and quick-to-install misting kit with a timer system. A DIY Universal Misting Kit that can offer a perfect low-cost solution for your backyard cooling needs. In a few minutes, you can enjoy a refreshing feelingthat is a perfect addition to your home. This excellent pressure misting system with a timer will deliver a very fine mist to help cool the air during the hot summer season. Now you can instantly cool up to 30 degrees. With its advanced technology, the misting cooling system directly uses water to spray and cool down, with no electricity consumption. Comparing with the air humidification machine it works faster and more efficiently. Along with its fully customizable timer, you can now select the frequency, and duration of the mist that suits your needs. This misting kit provides you with the best experienceconnect and forget about it.

The Features

  • OUTDOOR MIST COOLING SYSTEM: The amazing and eco-friendly outdoor cooling system provides a natural water cooling area. It releases you from the indoor bad air conditions and enjoys the fantastic outdoor sight in hot summer. A cool environment from the heat for your favorite outdoor areas cools the surrounding air temperatures up to 30 degrees
  • QUICK DIY INSTALLATION/SUITABLE FOR ALL: In just 15-30 minutes you will be enjoying this outdoor universal mist cooling kit. It is suitable for any environment: garden, patio, greenhouse, backyard, swimming pool, etc. It will attach to any standard outdoor faucet (1/4 inch). No special tools are required
  • SUSTAINABLE COOLING SYSTEM: Water consumption is minimal, generating a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in no time. Now you can avoid wasting water and at the same time save energy due to our special non-drip nozzle technology. No leaks, efficient cooling kit. 
  • EXCELLENT PRESSURE: 45-60 PSI water pressure is recommended for great pressure in the municipal area with the ¼” tube. Its irrigation system with timer generates natural humidity in the environment. Find the level at which you feel better. Up to 70 percent water savings compared to manual watering
  • PERSONALIZED FREQUENCY AND RUN TIME:The run time ranges from hours to seconds, now you can select your personal preferences and enjoy. The timer works with a 2AA – 1.5V batteries (Not included)
  • TOP QUALITY GUARANTEED: The product is used for humidification, the freshness wherever you may need it. Manufactured with the best materials, this is a precise and durable system. For more detail, please contact us at 888 783 6082